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It is very important to raise awareness about the food system and the effect it’s having on the environment and people’s health. Many people today cannot get enough food.

Some people experience overconsumption of food. This inequality must be addressed. People should know about better ways of farming and producing food, the importance of producing quality food, food sovereignty, and agroecology. All these are explained in detail in this blog.

If you have done research on these topics or know about them, then you can share your knowledge with our readers. We are looking for writers who can write unique blogs about the topics and attract more readers.

If you are interested, then you must follow our guidelines in writing the articles. The articles must be unique and plagiarism-free. As lots of research has been done on the niche, you should also do a lot of studying and research before writing the articles.

You can include the latest news, bills passed, and other relevant things related to the food system.

Your articles must raise awareness about this issue and tell people what they can do to improve the situation. You should discuss the graveness of the situation and suggest solutions to it.

You can add external links to your articles in case the readers want to know more about certain things like agroecology or food sovereignty. Make sure that the links are from high authority sites so that the readers can trust the information provided there.

You should include relevant images with the articles. This will be more appealing to the readers, and they will feel interested to read the articles till the end. You should proofread the articles before submission to avoid any errors in typing or grammar.

To apply for the post, you should send us your CV along with a sample of your recent writing that has been published in any blog or magazine. We will give you a thorough guideline on how to write the article.