European forum for food sovereignty 2016

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26-30 October 2016, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Transform! Resist! Build!

The second Nyéléni Europe Forum for Food Sovereignty is all about building a big inspiring food sovereignty movement across the whole continent of Europe. The forum is being held in Romania on 26-30 October, and a delegation from the UK will take part. Join in and get involved, whether you want to be part of the delegation or if you are not able to go, but would like to feed in ideas and help with the preparations.

The Nyéléni Europe Movement brings together farmers, fishers, pastoralists, Indigenous Peoples, consumers, NGOs, trade unions, organisations working on the environment, development, justice, solidarity and human rights, researchers, community-based food movements and others to enhance existing food sovereignty initiatives and strengthen our work at local, national, regional and global levels.

The forum will focus on five areas:

1. Changing how food is produced and consumed
2. Changing how food is distributed
3. Valuing work and improving social conditions in food & agricultural systems
4. Reclaiming the right to natural resources and the Commons
5. Changing public policies governing our food and agricultural systems.


The springboard of the global food sovereignty movement was the landmark international Nyéléni 2007 Forum for Food Sovereignty in Mali where 500 representatives from food producer, consumer and environmental movements from around the world came together. At this Forum six principles and the Nyéléni Declaration were adopted.

This was followed by a European Nyéléni Forum in 2011 in Krems, Austria, where the Nyéléni Europe Declaration and an action plan were agreed upon.

The UK delegation returned inspired from Krems and the first UK food sovereignty gathering was held in 2012. Out of this came the UK food sovereignty movement and also the Land Workers Alliance. Last year, the second UK food sovereignty gathering was held.

In February 2015 an International Forum for Agroecology was held in the Nyéléni centre in Mali, and produced a report and declaration.

These documents provide the political basis of the movement, and clarify what it stands for and what it opposes.

More information

More information and background can be found at: including the key goals of the event.

The Nyéléni Newsletter looks at many issues within the food movement, including a recent issue looking at intersections of race, class and gender in the food movement.
More in depth discussion of these issues:


The forum will be held in Expo Transilvania, Cluj Napoca, Romania from 26-30 October 2016. Around a thousand people will come together from 42 countries across the continent of Europe. Each national delegation is limited in size; England and Wales can send up to 30 people and Scotland up to 25. Northern Ireland and Ireland are planning a joint delegation.

Since the beginning of the year, local peasant families have been engaged in producing vegetables, dairy, meat, honey and many more products based on the rich and diverse traditional food system of Romania to provide the food for the forum.

In the UK, there is a working group preparing for the forum. The group plans to organise one or two preparatory events in the UK ahead of the forum, so that the delegation can meet each other and also get input from the wider movement in the UK whose ideas and thoughts they can bring with them to the forum.


There is a delegate fee of €100 per person. This will cover food, accommodation and a contribution to a solidarity fund. Travel costs will then be additional.

The UK working group is trying to raise funds to enable people who would not otherwise be able to participate to come to the forum. If you would need funding support, please indicate this when applying below.


One travel option being discussed are ‘caravans’ of people travelling by bus overland from various countries, joining together and possibly holding some events on the way.

Get involved

To join the working group, email

UK delegation

All delegations for the forum are required to be at least one third food producers, one third under 35 and gender balanced.

Historically, the food sovereignty movement in the UK has not fully represented the diversity of voices within society. This reflects a wider condition in which food justice, food poverty and food rights for all within the UK food system have not been as central to the UK food sovereignty movement as they might have been. We are committed to a change in this situation. Thus, in the UK, we will also ensure that half the delegation is made up of visible ethnic minorities (diasporas of the Global South), refugees and recent migrant communities, as well as those whose class or income would normally preclude them from being part of the movement.

The working group will collect applications and identify a balanced delegation. The size of the delegation may be limited by available funds (so if you are able to help with fundraising, please email


England, Scotland & Wales: applications are now closed

Northern Ireland and Ireland: contact the delegation organisers through

If you have any questions, please email

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